As your trusted Austin, TX men’s barbershop, we’re here to go above and beyond when it comes to all your men’s grooming needs. We’re proud to provide beard trimming and grooming among our many services at our men’s salon. While many men may have beards, it’s unfortunate to say that a large portion of them don’t put in the time necessary to groom it properly – and we’re not just talking about the appearance of the beard either. We’re talking about something more…bacteria.

Beware the Bacterial Beard

beware-the-bacterial-beardThere are two sides to the beard. To the connoisseur, it’s a furry work of art enshrouded in manly mystique. To some others, it’s a petri dish for the birth and boom of bacteria.

It’s true; the perceived hygiene of this style has taken a serious turn toward the worse. New findings have actually likened the bacteria found on beards to those of toilets and feces. Yuck!

While these findings may not have been deemed as scientific enough, it doesn’t take much science to reason that good grooming care and regular treatment is essential for a clean appearance and a healthy lifestyle. You wouldn’t want to risk the possibility that your chin mane may unleash a furry fury on your significant other, so why bother making this a bristly issue on your own health? Let’s call it…the art of being a gentleman 101.

Shampoo, soap, water, and oil are just a few of the elements that will come into play when it comes to maintaining this fine facial forest and steering clear of all sorts of undesirables. On your next beard trimming or shave, ask your barber at 19|8 to help fine tune your grooming game plan with you. While beards have some care measures in common, certain beard types may have unique considerations with respect to form, care, and hygiene.

Until next time…to bearded bliss!

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