Trending Haircuts for Men This Spring

The first thing a man can do to look stylish is determine what kind of hairstyle he wants to have. As your trusted barbershop at the Domain in Austin, we’re proud to have a team of expert stylists who are capable of giving you the hairstyle that you’ve desired. We’re not just capable of giving you some of the best men’s haircuts in Austin – we also serve as your style consultants. Even if you’re unsure of what kind of hairstyle you want, let our team take a look at you and we’ll help you figure out what look would best suit you. For a few suggestions, here are a some of the trending haircuts for men this Spring. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find one you’ll love!


The fade is currently one of the most popular men’s hairstyles around right now. This hairstyle is defined by having hair on the sides and back of a man’s head that are tapered in length; as you go farther down a person’s head, eventually there will be no more hair.


The undercut is one of the fastest growing haircut trends. You can see a bit of a similarity between the fade and the undercut, only with the undercut, the hair on the sides and back of a person’s head will be fully shaved instead of tapered to the point where they’re fully shaved. Also, the hair on top of a person’s head will generally be longer, combed, and frequently slicked back so that it won’t get in the way.


The pompadour haircut is much like the undercut haircut. The difference is that the sides of a man’s head aren’t completely shaved. This haircut is defined by the hair being short on the sides with slicked back longer hair in the front. This style is often combined with a fade haircut.

Faux Hawk

Similar to a mohawk, but instead of completely shaving off the hair that’s not in the middle, a faux hawk consists of a man sectioning his hair so that it sticks up in the middle. There will be a noticeable pointed stripe going from the center of a man’s scalp down to the nape of his neck, which makes for a great choice if you want the style of a mohawk, but don’t want to shave off most of your hair.


For guys who are looking for a messier style, the fringe is a trendy haircut that’s perfect to fulfill that look. This haircut will give off something of a ‘devil-may-care’ attitude. A fringe haircut is noted for having bangs that are a little longer that fall over a man’s forehead.

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