Are You Neglecting Your Grooming?

man with disheveled hair

As your trusted providers of style and classiness in and around Austin, TX, it’s always our goal to have you looking your absolute best. This doesn’t just hold true during the time you’re at our Austin, TX barbershop – we want to do all we can to help you look great at all times. We provide a variety of products that you can take home for your grooming needs and even more importantly, we’re glad to distribute all the men’s grooming tips and help you could ever need. In fact, we’ll be glad to give you some tips on how to determine if you’re neglecting your grooming:

You Have Dandruff

One common problem that many men who don’t groom enough have is dandruff. Dandruff occurs when a person’s scalp gets too parched or too oily. When this happens, the skin will then die and flake off. To prevent this, it’s important to use shampoo every other day and follow it up with a conditioner. This washing routine will get rid of grease without stripping away the scalp of its natural oils. It’ll even add healthy nutrients into the hair and the scalp, keeping the skin from dying and then peeling off.

You Get Razor Burn

Razor burn isn’t always a given after a shave. In fact, if your skin starts to break out, then there’s a good chance that you’re doing something wrong. To get a great shave and avoid a razor burn, schedule a classic straight-razor shave appointment at our Austin barbershop.

You Have Cracked or Damaged Lips

Your lips are one of the most delicate features on your body. In the summer, they can start to burn and peel when they’re out in the sun too long. In the winter season, they’ll often become dry and cracked from the cold air. Even worse, your very own saliva can dry out your lips as well. To keep your lips in great health, you’ll want to frequently use lip balm. We recommend using one with SPF – it will protect your lips from the sun’s rays and nourish them with a nutrient-rich wax. Your significant other will thank you for this!

You Have a Neckbeard

There’s a clear difference between having a beard and just forgetting to shave. Having a neckbeard is definitely the latter! Even if you have a beard, you should remember to shave downward from everything below about an inch above your Adam’s apple. You should leave the facial hair on and under your jaw alone – just make sure to shave all the hair on your neck.

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