Top 5 Men’s Haircuts In 2017

man getting a haircut

At 18|8 Austin, we’ve worked on plenty of men’s haircuts to get a sense of what’s popular these days, and 2017 was the year of getting a clean look with plenty of personality. Short sides are still in, with the fade leading the way and the natural sides still a strong player. On top is where the fun really begins, however, and this list will look at five of the trendiest styles we’ve seen during the year.

That’s Quite A Quiff

The quiff has boldly been one of the most iconic haircuts since the 1950s, featuring short sides and a big, voluminous top. It’s a close relative of the pompadour and flat top, while sometimes even borrowing from the mohawk. Modern quiffs require shaving or fading the sides to emphasize what’s at the top, and it’s up to the wearer to decide how they can adapt the style to their face shape.

On The Fringe Of Power

The shorter fringe (bangs) hairstyles bring the volume down to serious, but not too intense. Fringes make modern statements, and depending on the length, you can choose how loud your exclamation is going to be. A fringe and cropped sides follow our overarching modern template, and the shorter length requires less maintenance. Cropped fringes are a bit quieter than even the short fringes, but they are just as bold and sharp. As a more natural, textured look, this definitely take the least maintenance while giving you a clean, trendy look.

Throwback With A Slicked Back

The slick back is a throwback style that still holds its own. Nowadays, the slick back looks best when worn looser and more textured than its older variations. Rather than going for pure volume, the slick back goes for a sleek, textured look that is a bit easier to style than the quiffs or fringes. Just be sure to keep the sides clean and the hair on top healthy.

Explode Into Curls

Curly hair can present a challenge, but when it came to 2017 hairstyles, curls have been among the most unique looks of the year. In keeping step with previously mentioned hairstyles, the most popular trend is to keep the sides and back short with a clean fade. On top, you’re going to be letting loose the fringe in front while styling and trimming the rest according to the style you want. This results in a variety of looks that feature plenty of character and movement.

Hairbnb: Bun & Beard

The man bun has made its way back, but with a touch of sophistication. Extra masculinity points for you if you can also rock a beard.

Prepare Your Hair For The New Year

We know that all men have different styles, tastes, and types of hair, and at 18|8 Austin, we aim to provide the most diverse lineup of men’s grooming services. As 2017 winds down, we’ll make sure you’re looking your best for the upcoming year. Our stylists know all the latest trends for men, and they will pair you with a hairstyle that matches your look and personality. Our men’s hair salon serves gentlemen from Austin and, Cedar Park, Round Rock, and surrounding areas, so please feel free to schedule an appointment online or by calling us at (512) 489-1881.