The Right Beard For Your Face Shape

If you’re thinking about growing a beard, you need to start considering what kind of look you’re going for, so you look like a well-groomed gentleman instead of just a guy with a hairy face.  While all the time it takes to grow a beard is already challenging, there are many different types of beard styles for you to choose from, and finding the one that actually looks good on you is another challenge altogether.

Don’t be discouraged though! The men’s grooming and styling gurus here at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Austin are here to help make things a little bit easier. The key to finding the right beard can all come down to your face shape, which is easy enough to discover by taking a quick look in the mirror.

Facial Structures & Complementing Beard Stylesbearded man smiling

Once you find your face shape, you can start to imagine what different kinds of beards will look like based on how they’re shaped. Does the beard compliment your face, or create a stark contrast? Both of those can be a good or a bad thing depending on the situation. To make sense of it all, here are a few ideal beard styles matched up with common facial structures to help you find what beard will best suit you.

Round Face – Lengthy Beard

For those with a rounder face, try going for a beard that’s on the longer side, while keeping the sides short and trim to avoid letting the beard get out of control. What a longer beard will do will actually give the illusion of elongating your face for a more flattering look.

Square Face – Narrow & Long Beard

Similar to your rounder faced brethren, the best beard style for a face that looks more square will be complemented by length. Since your facial structure is typically a bit wider, you’ll want to keep the sides of your beard short to prevent it from making your face appear even wider.  Since your face naturally has some sharper angles to it, you can use the beard to take the focus on these angles away by making the bottom of the beard more rounded, such as an oval shape.

Oval – Pretty Much Anything

If you have an oval shape to your face, the world is your oyster, at least in terms of beards that is. Oval faces are typically more symmetrical, which makes for the perfect foundation for any kind of beard. Long, short, you name it, it’ll probably look pretty good on you, so find one that suits your style the best. One bit of advice: try to avoid sharp angles in your beard, since your face has more of a rounded symmetry and those angles will ruin it.

Triangle – Short Or Narrow

If your facial structure is triangular, it means that you have a wider chin and jaw but a smaller forehead. The main challenge that you have to think about in terms of beard style here is finding what works well with that bigger jaw while not making the upper part of your head look tiny. That’s why the best beard style that we would recommend would be something that’s short.  However, if you feel that a long beard is what will suit you best, you should trim it to appear more rounded and narrow at the bottom. This is because it will give your face a more rounded, oval shape as a whole when complemented with the beard.

Rectangle – Short With Full Sides

For a rectangular facial structure, the main focus here is complimenting your naturally long and narrow shape. What you don’t want is a long and narrow beard, which will just make it look like your face goes on forever. Instead, opt for a short beard, but let the sides grow out a bit more to give your face some width.  

Diamond – Long, Trim, & Controlled

A diamond facial structure means that you have a narrow shaped forehead and chin, but the middle of your face around your cheeks are wider. The ideal beard style for this facial type is a longer beard with short, trimmed sides. The short sides help avoid adding width to your already wide cheekbones, while the length on the bottom will fill out that narrow chin a bit more for a face shape that’s rounder overall with the beard.

Contact Your Men’s Styling Experts For Help!

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