How To Tie The Perfect Bow Tie

When it comes to formal occasions, your traditional necktie doesn’t come close to the bow tie. Even James Bond, the ultimate gentleman spy, wouldn’t be caught without his signature tuxedo and black bow tie as he took down the bad guys. However, while the bow tie was only a necessity for those black tie events, today they have become a more flexible accessory in the world of men’s fashion and style. You can find bow ties in a variety of creative and colorful patterns and designs, allowing you to find the perfect bow tie to match your personal style, stand out among the crowd, or just try something new and fun with your style each day.

However, even if you find the style of bow tie that you love, the perfect bow tie comes down to the execution of how you tie it. At 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Austin, making sure guys look their absolute best is our specialty, so to make sure you can get every bit of style and class out of your bow tie, here is a step by step guide on how to tie a bow tie perfectly.

Step By Step: Tying A Bow Tie

Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be tying the perfect bow tie like a pro, every time.

  1. Begin with the bow tie around your neck, with both sides lying flat against your body.
  2. Pull the left side of the bow tie down so that it is slightly longer than the right side. From here on, we’ll label the longer left side of the tie, “A”, and the shorter right side, “B”.
  3. Grab the ends of both A and B, pulling them across each so that A is on the right, and B is on the left.
  4. Bring A underneath B and pull through the loop at the neck.
  5. At the joint of the tie (the thin point where the bow “bumps” begin), fold B to the left, then fold again to the right to create the bow shape.
  6. Bring A down and line it up exactly with the middle of the bow shape of B
  7. Fold A inwards toward your chest and pinch to fold to ensure that it doesn’t come undone
  8. Carefully push the pinched end of the fold of A through the loop behind the bow shape of B.
  9. Tighten the tie as necessary by pulling on the folded ends of the tie.
    Adjust the bow tie to ensure that it is properly aligned on both sides.

Until you’ve mastered how to tie your bow tie, make sure you take your time. Style and class take time, so don’t rush tying your tie and you’ll look great!

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