Your Style Guide For Date Attire

style toolsAt 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons in Austin, our style team knows how daunting a first date can be! From proper grooming, to picking out a great outfit, nailing down a solid look is crucial to making a lasting impression…and for landing a second date!

When planning for your first date, make sure to kick things off with dinner reservations at a spot that’s quiet and comfortable, giving you and your date the chance to get to know each other. Although the restaurant you’re looking for should lean more on the casual side of things, it doesn’t give you a hall pass to wear sweatpants and a T-shirt. This is your chance to look put together from head-to-toe, helping you exude a calm, collected confidence while maintaining a chill vibe!

From your haircut to your shoes, and everything in between, our style team at 18|8 Austin has put together a comprehensive list of the essentials you need for great first date style below:

Ditch The T-Shirt

If you show up to your first date wearing a T-shirt, you could come across as slightly messy and unkempt. While the white T-shirt is a classic American menswear garment, it might look slightly understated for your first time grabbing dinner and drinks with your date. Opt for a collared shirt with buttons and light color or pattern, but make sure it’s the right length so you can keep it untucked. This isn’t a business meeting, so don’t treat it like one!

Opt For A Bomber

Instead of reaching for a cotton cardigan or an overly stated blazer, go for a classic bomber jacket. Bomber jackets give off a masculine yet elegant look, which is the vibe you are going for on your first date. Look for bombers that are dark in color and that hit right at the top of your belt line…and don’t ever zip or button it up! Bomber jackets look best left open, showing off your shirt underneath.

Wear Dark Denim

For your first date, avoid wearing khakis and dress trousers at all costs! Dark, well broken-in denim will keep you relaxed, comfortable, and give you a bit of James Dean sex appeal that will work in favor of your shirt and jacket. Don’t skimp with cheap denim either; invest in a slim-fit pair that will keep getting better the more you wear them.

Lace-Up A Pair Of Boots

No matter how much you love your old sneakers, opt for a pair of nice boots that compliment your entire outfit. Resting somewhere in between dirty chucks and dress shoes, a solid pair of Chukka boots in the right shade of brown will kick your entire fit up a notch. Try cuffing your denim to really show off your masculine style. Trust us when we say that women take note of your footwear right away!

Deodorant & Cologne

Maintaining great hygiene at all times is crucial to ensuring a great first date, so whatever you do, don’t forget to put on deodorant! Finding an unscented deodorant with antiperspirant properties will help to ward off underarm sweat stains, especially if you are feeling anxious.

After you nail down the right deodorant, find a cologne that suits your style! Scent is the strongest sense attached to memory, so we guarantee that your date will take note of what you smell like. Just don’t use too much, as a little cologne can go a long way! Spray the cologne in the air and walk through it, avoiding directly spraying your body or skin. High quality colognes are super concentrated, so a little dab here and there will do the trick.

Maintain A Well-Groomed Haircut & Beard

Showing up to a first date with greasy, messy hair just looks, well, lazy! You want to look like you put effort into your grooming routine to impress your date, as it shows that you care. It’s best not to get anxious and try a new hairstyle right before your date either, so stick with a clean version of what you’re used to! The same goes for your facial hair, if you have any. Keep your neckline trimmed up and cut off any scraggly hair that’s grown out too long.

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