How to Destress During the Holidays?

At 18|8 Austin, our mission is to help the men of Austin perfect their look and style with world-class barbershop and grooming services. But as any true style connoisseur knows, your look is about more than just your haircut: everything from sleep to stress man getting hair washedlevels affects the way you look and feel. With the holidays upon us, men everywhere are starting to feel the stress of this hectic season, so as your dedicated fine men’s salon in Austin, here are a few tips on how to destress for the holidays.

Check in With Your Emotions

What’s the easiest way for stress to get out of control? It may sound counterintuitive, but one of the biggest factors that can drive stress is not realizing it’s happening. If we aren’t consciously aware of our emotional state, it’s easy for feelings of stress and anxiety to spiral out of control before we even know we’re feeling pressured. So this year, try to be mindful of what you’re feeling. If you feel stress start to bubble up, take note and do what you can to calm yourself down.

Take Time for You

Another great way to battle stress is to simply take some time, each day, completely for yourself. This might mean 10 minutes of morning meditation or a calming cup of afternoon tea, but whatever it is, carving out even a small chunk of time in the day to relax can do wonders for mood and mental health.

Treat Yourself

Finally, nothing beats stress quite like a good session of pampering – and as your Austin fine men’s salon, we can help with that. Our grooming treatments are built to be a soothing, relaxing experience from end to end, so any treatment at our Austin barbershop is sure to put your mind at ease. In particular, we’d recommend our Executive Skinmetics Facial Treatment to soothe holiday stress: you’ll get a host of cleansing and hydrating facial treatments including a delightful facial steaming, which melts away stress and feels just like curling up next to a fire on a cold winter’s eve.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Austin Barbershop

Controlling stress is an endless task in modern life, and it’s always a little harder during the holidays. But don’t worry: the expert barbers and stylists at our Austin barbershop are here to help you ease stress, perfect your holiday look, and grow the confidence to take on anything. Book an appointment online for a luxurious grooming treatment at our fine men’s salon – we promise that you’ll walk out our doors looking and feeling like a brand new man!