Men: Avoid Fashion Foul-Ups With This Guide To Wearing Shorts

No garment proves to be quite as confusing as shorts. There are so many ways for men to wear them badly that you may wonder if they’re worth the trouble at all. Thankfully, you can wear them with confidence by following a few essential tips from 18|8 Austin, your neighborhood Austin barbershop.

Demystifying Shorts in Your Wardrobe

Shorts have come a long way from the schoolboy uniforms of the 19th century to an acceptable piece of everyday casual wear. In modern times, many men are concerned with finding pairs that complement their body shape and fashion sense. That’s understandable since there’s a wide range of lengths, materials, and cuts. To simply things, here are a couple of rules to remember:

  • Choose shorts only for hot weather wear.
  • They’re best for casual events when you’re not conducting business or expected to don formal wear.

Most experts advise that short hems shouldn’t end any higher than two to three inches above the knee. Take care not to go too long, and steer clear or pairs that end below the knee.

When selecting colors, you can’t go wrong with solids. Brown, black, white, and gray are the easiest to match with most shirts. Darker tones can also make large thighs look slimmer. Feel free to experiment with subtle patterns, but plaids are classics that work well for most men. Keep in mind some additional tips to help as you shop:

  • Do not wear socks with sandals or slides. For other shoes, choose monotone socks or invisible sock liners for best results.
  • Avoid cargo, three-quarter length or excessively bright shorts.
  • Shorts pair best with lightweight, short-sleeve collared shirts.

Upgrade Your Look Today!

While you’re fine-tuning your personal style, don’t forget about your hair and beard. Specializing in men’s grooming and style, the pros at 18|8 Austin can help you get a fresh new look. Enjoy the 18|8 experience by booking an appointment online or calling our salon directly at (512) 489-1881.