Going Grey: How To Be A Silver Fox

Going Grey: How To Be A Silver FoxAre you concerned about going grey? Have you thought about getting rid of your grey hair? Instead of trying to erase it, you should embrace it! Being a silver fox never goes out of style. It’s sophisticated, timeless and is a sign of maturity and wisdom. The experts at 18|8 men’s hair salon can help you turn that grey hair into a style that will have you turning heads. Located at the Domain in Austin, we can take care of all your grooming needs, including haircuts, shaving, beard shaping, waxing, and coloring.

Our service doesn’t end when you leave our Austin barbershop, so that is why we share information with you about how to care for your hair, beard, and skin. Here are some tips from our expert stylists on how you can look your best as a member of the silver fox club.

Look for a Style

The best way to find a style you like is to search for photos of haircuts online or in magazines. Then you can take the photo to your Austin barbershop to show the stylist what type of cut you are looking for. You will want a cut that compliments your silver fox hair by adding dimension and texture. Of course, the cut needs to work with your hair type, but your stylist will be able to work with you in achieving the look that will work best for you.

Enhance the Color

For some men, their natural grey hair is very silver, and light reflects off of it, almost like highlights. There are some men, however, whose hair becomes porous when it loses pigment, and the hair takes on a yellow cast. If that’s the case for you, your stylist can help enhance your grey with a semipermanent dye that rinses out over several weeks. A shade that is lighter than your natural color typically works best.


You should use a good cleansing shampoo to remove sebum and oil, but one that also moisturizes your hair. After washing, pomade or gel will add more moisture to your hair, as well as giving your hair more volume. If you have thick hair, it will also provide more control for styling.

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