Mastering the Be-Good Balance of Modern Man

Deep run the grooves in the minds of men to master the art of the “be-good balance” – that constant look good, feel good, do good portrait of men with no lasting endgame in sight. Simply put, this 24/7 hubbub of goodness is enough to put the mortal in the most moral of men.

Gone are the days when high-tech looked like the 1-2-3-step quest for Man at His Best. It’s clear that with all the hats worn by the Modern Man, there simply is no App to autopilot the art of the “be-good balance.” Look good and curry favor of loved ones and survive the everyday Paparazzi of people- watchers. Feel good by staying physically fit and making time for one’s inner self. Do good and the world will be a better place for it. It’s a juggling act and don’t forget to factor in a few curveballs.

Rather than short-circuit this grand stage of life, it’s time to make some good memories and get your head in the game, literally, with styling and grooming at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons. The cool confidence you’ll exude will have your engines of goodness revved up for the road ahead to success. Leave the multi-tasking to our hands – we’ll hot-lather and massage away and put a carefree step in your day while keeping you on budget in an hour’s time. Here’s to your goodness!Male in suit

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