Three Reasons All Men Need A Facial

Thinking the fuss of a facial isn’t worth it for your manly skin? Well, we could take you down a rabbit hole of excuses we’ve heard, but let us be clear, facials are important for everyone, especially men. Men have oilier skin, larger pores, irritation from shaving, and typically more sun damage. You might even say, men need facials more than the ladies. Consider these reasons:


1) Men Produce More Oil

Testosterone is both a blessing and a curse, and when it comes to skin, thanks to our testosterone levels, men will produce more oil. In general, when not properly cleaned, oil will lead to clogged pores, blackheads, and finally pimples. Working with a professional for facials will not only help improve your skin’s health, but a professional will also identify your skin type and the best care for it.

2) Sun Damaged Skin

When asking our clients how often they wear sunscreen, the most common answers are “usually during the summer” or “if I’m going in the pool.” Do you know how often you should apply sunscreen? Every. Single. Day. Men are far less likely to wear sunscreen than women, and their skin pays for it. A facial can repair some of this damage by replenishing collagen, giving your face a more youthful look.

3) A Smoother Shave

It’s no secret: dragging a razor blade across your face irritates your skin, or what is better known as razor burn. Razor burn can cause inflammation and little red bumps, which is exactly what you don’t want if you’re looking for a close shave. A facial will help exfoliate and moisturize skin getting rid of those bumps and healing that red irritated skin. You will be left with smooth, clear skin that won’t be agitated by your next shave.


Book a Men’s Facial in Baybrook Passage

When it comes to looking your best, a facial is key to keeping your shave close and your skin clear. At 18|8 Baybrook Passage, our facial treatment will exfoliate dead skin, replenish dry skin, and leave you feeling pampered and relaxed. Give it a try by calling us at (832) 390-1950 or book your appointment online. You might be surprised by just how great your skin will look and how good you will feel after an appointment with us.