Avoiding A Razor Burn

Every man has experienced it at one time or another: you lather up, give yourself a nice close shave, and everything seems to be fine. Until you notice it – the feeling of something strange on your neck, the sting and burn of irritated skin, and that unsightly splotch of red bumps. Razor burn is a common problem for men who shave at home, and it can be a painful nuisance for days after you shave. At 18|8 Baybrook Passage, we’re your committed partner in all things grooming – so here are our tips for avoiding razor burn and ensuring a close, comfortable shave.


What Is Razor Burn?

First of all, we need to understand what we’re dealing with here: just what is razor burn, exactly? Simply put, a razor burn is skin irritation resulting from shaving with a razor. This may come as a surprise, but no matter how fancy or high tech of a razor you’re using, your face isn’t happy about the idea of you dragging a razor-sharp blade across it. Unless you’re getting a professional barbershop shave, there’s little ways to avoid the fact that those blades will inevitably make tiny, microscopic cuts in the skin, which can easily become inflamed and produce a razor burn. In its worst cases, you may get razor bumps, which are small raised bumps caused by ingrown hairs. Neither a razor burn nor razor bumps are pleasant or good-looking – so how can you avoid them?


Tips for Avoiding Razor Burn

While it can’t always be prevented when shaving at home, there are a number of steps you can take to minimize razor burn. Try using these the next time you give yourself a shave:

  • Shave After a Shower: The thickness and rigidity of your facial hair have a big impact on how easy it is to shave, and that means it also has an impact on razor burn. Time your shaves after a hot shower to take advantage of their softness and reduce razor burn.
  • Don’t Go Against the Grain: It’s tempting to shave against the direction of hair growth because it seems like it’ll give you a closer shave, but we’d recommend against it. Shaving against the grain is harsher on skin and much more likely to cause razor burn.
  • Use Rubbing Alcohol: Another cause of razor burn is irritation from bacteria growing on your blade. Wipe your blade down with rubbing alcohol before shaving to sterilize it and protect your skin.
  • Ditch the 5-Blade: While more blades may seem like a better idea, the truth is that most multi-blade razors are just excessive. Dragging five blades across your skin is harsh on your neck, so if razor burn is a problem for you, consider getting a good old-fashioned safety razor instead.
  • Leave it to the Pros: Of course, the best way to achieve a close shave while avoiding razor burn is to get a professional shave from a bona fide barbershop – and if you’re interested, 18|8 Baybrook Passage is here to help.


Book a Classic Shave with Your Baybrook Passage, TX Barbershop

At 18|8 Baybrook Passage, we don’t just offer a great shave – we offer an undeniably classic barbershop experience. Our barbers are trained experts with a straight-edge razor, and your stylist will give you a shave so close and comfortable you’ll scarcely believe you had hair to begin with. Sound like something you’d want to try? Call us today at (832) 390-1950 or book your appointment online. We’ll give you a shave to perfect you’ll never want to go back to a multi-blade again.