The Right Haircut For Your Face Shape

Finding the perfect haircut comes down to understanding yourself; what works with your face and conveys the style that you’re going for. If you’ve ever tried a hairstyle that you thought looked good on someone else, only to find that it didn’t work for you as well as you had hoped, it could have been because your hair wasn’t complimenting your face shape.

Now you’re probably asking “what is my face shape and what hairstyles go with it?” That is why the men’s styling and grooming experts here 18|8 Fine Men’s Salons of Baybrook Passage want to make it simple for you with this guide to understanding your face shape and finding a style that compliments it

Figuring Out Your Face Shape

The first step is finding out what your face shape is, so you’re going to want to look at four main areas of your face: jawline, cheekbones, forehead, and your vertical face length. You’re going to measure each one, so grab yourself a small tape measure or ruler and position yourself in front of a mirror to get started.

First, measure your jawline from the tip of your chin to just below your ear where your jaw changes angles, the double the length that you get for the actual measurement you’ll be using. Second, measure your cheekbones by finding the distance between the pointiest points of your bones. Third, measure your forehead from the peaks of your eyebrow arches. Finally, measure the vertical length of your face by checking the distance between your chin and the middle of your hairline.

Now that you have your measurements, take a look at the different types of face shapes and the hairstyles that go with them.

Oval – Almost Anything Goes

If the vertical length of your face is greater than the distance between your cheekbones, and your jawline measurement is smaller than that of your forehead, you have an oval face shape. With the oval shape, you also typically have a good amount of facial symmetry which is pretty much perfect when it comes to hairstyles since it can go with practically anything. One style that you can’t go wrong with for an oval face shape is short on the sides and back, while keeping the hair on top a bit longer. The only style that you should avoid is putting too much hair in front where it covers the forehead, such as a forward fringe, since it can make your face appear rounder.

Round – Creating Definition

Round faces typically have no real sharp angles, so they lack definition when you look at the face alone. To fix this, you want a haircut that creates the definition that your face lacks. One great style is going short on the sides and having the top brushed up to a flat top or pompadour to add height. If those aren’t your style, you can also go for a front fringe, since the hair falling over your forehead will still create those defined angles that you are looking for.

Square – Any Style Of Your Choice

This face shape is when you have practically even proportions across the board, with a strong jaw that causes this face shape to be considered one of the most masculine. When it comes to hairstyles, the symmetry of the square shape makes it compatible with any style, from long, swept back hair to a buzz cut or shaved head. Due to its very tough and rugged features, going with a shorter style could have you looking like someone who’s in the military, but it all comes down to your personal preference.

Rectangle – Keep The Sides Long

This face shape is characterized by the much longer vertical measurement of the face. For the rectangle shape, the key is finding a hairstyle that does not draw attention to the length of your face, since it could end up making your face look longer than it actually is. This is why it is recommended that you avoid cutting the sides too short. Longer hairstyles that fall over to the side of the face or over the forehead typically pair well with the rectangular shape.

Diamond – Fringes & Longer Styles

The defining feature of the rare diamond face shape are the wide cheekbones, which create a sharp contrast with the other, thinner features. The styles that pair best with the diamond shape are medium or long in terms of length, since short hair risks making your cheekbones and ear look larger than they really are. You can go for a fringe that goes over your forehead, or longer hair that you can tuck behind your ears, with neither drawing attention to the angles of your cheekbones.

Heart – Medium Length Sweeping Styles

The heart face shape starts out at wide up top around the forehead, progressively getting thinner until you get to the chin. While the proportions for a heart face shape may seem a bit off, we can fix that by evening things out with the right hairstyle. For the heart shape, it’s best to avoid cuts that are too short, since they will only accentuate the larger forehead. Instead, go for medium to long length swept styles that flow naturally and have a bit more volume, since they can effectively hide the larger forehead.

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