How to Trim Your Beard

Few things look better on a man then a great beard – but only if that beard is trimmed and groomed properly! Unfortunately, far too many guys don’t truly know how to trim a beard, resulting in facial hair that’s either way too ragged or too closely clipped. At 18|8 Baybrook Passage, we’re proud to help men throughout the Webster and Clear Lake areas look their best every day. Naturally, the best way to get the most out of your beard is through a professional beard trim with our world-class stylists. But if you want to give it a go yourself, here’s our advice on how to trim your beard.

Tips for Trimming Your Beard

First, we know what you’re thinking: I want to grow out my beard, not cut it off! Why do I need to trim?

While it may seem counterintuitive, proper trimming will help your beard appear fuller, more even, and much more attractive. Without trimming, most beards will grow in uneven, which can make the beard look patchy. Also, if your ultimate goal is a long beard, you should trim your beard periodically along the way to help it grow in correctly.

Before you start trimming, do yourself a favor and straighten your beard out with a comb. Combing the hairs, so they all face the same direction will help you get a more even cut. Once your beard looks neat, use your clipper to carefully trim every part of your beard down to a uniform length. If you’re not sure how short you want it, remember to start with a longer clipper guard setting – after all, you only have one shot at finding the length you want!

Once your beard is even, it’s time to perfect it. Use a slightly shorter setting to subtly fade the beard into the neck and up on the cheeks. Then, use the shortest setting on your clipper to define your neckline. You do this by taking your finger and following the curve of your ear down to the spot where your throat and chin meet – this is the spot where your neck forms a loose right angle. Trace a smooth arch that follows the curve of one ear down to that spot, then follows the arch up the curvature under your jaw to the other ear. Use your clippers and trim everything below that line down to the shortest length possible. If you really want a clean look, follow that with a straight razor shave from a barber at 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon of Baybrook Passage.

Finally, take care of any stray hairs you may find and make sure to moisturize your neck and beard. If you’ve been carefully following these directions, you should now have a handsome, well-trimmed beard – but of course, if you genuinely want to see just how great your beard can look, nothing beats a professional beard trim.

Schedule a Beard Trim with Your Webster, TX Barbershop

At 18|8 Baybrook Passage, our barbers and stylists have spent years perfecting the art of beard trimming, and they’re able to shape your beard in a way that perfectly accentuates and complements your facial features. Want to find out what it feels like to have a perfectly-groomed beard? Book an appointment online today. We’ll help you look your absolute best and shape your beard to perfection – and when you leave our barbershop, you’ll look like a brand new man.