Men’s Facials

Heads up, gents: facial treatments aren’t just for the ladies. While women have been taking advantage of these skin-friendly treatments for decades, more and more men are beginning to include them in their personal care regimens. Here’s everything you need to know about men’s facials before booking your first appointment at your local men’s salon in Friendswood.

Why Do You Need a Facial?

Your skin is unique, which means that your skin care needs are highly individualized. That said, as a general rule, folks with testosterone-fueled bodies are prone to certain types of dermatological issues. For one, our skin often produces excess oil. Combined with the dust and dirt that ends up on our skin throughout the day, this can lead to clogged pores, pimples, and blackheads. Shaving also poses its own hazards, including razor burn and bumps. Incorporating men’s facials into your skin care routine can result in immediate improvements in the look and feel of your skin, and can teach you more about how to care for your skin on a daily basis.

Benefits of Men’s Facials

A facial can tackle these issues head-on and leave you with revitalized, refreshed skin. While your treatment will be personalized to target your specific needs, you can normally expect:

  • Exfoliation to clear away dead skin cells and impurities
  • Hydrating moisture to replenish depleted nutrients and restore your skin’s health
  • Facial massage to increase blood flow and ease away tension

Your facial treatment will leave you instantly rejuvenated, but you’ll also see several long-term results with repeated visits:

  • Clearer skin with fewer blemishes and less irritation
  • A smoother shave, with the reduced chance of razor burn and bumps
  • Greater knowledge about skin care products
  • Expert recommendations for a personalized at-home skin care regimen to maintain results

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