Which Beard Style Is Right For You?

A man’s beard says a lot about him – so make sure your beard is giving off the right message. Our barbers here at 18|8 Baybrook Passage Fine Men’s Salon specialize in making men throughout the Webster, TX area look and feel their absolute best. A professional beard trim by our talented stylists will help you achieve your look, but first, you need to nail the proper beard style.


Also known as a five-o’clock shadow, stubble adds that perfect amount of ruggedness to your face. This low-maintenance style is easy to maintain and is perfect for guys who struggle to grow full beards or who have younger-looking faces. You can contour your stubble to make your face appear longer or rounder, depending on your face shape.

The Beardstache

This attractive and masculine look hints to your openness to adventure. Having a fuller, stand-out mustache and a shorter beard is a daring and style that works on almost every face shape. It’s also a sexy way to say you are confident in your own skin. Keep in mind that a beardstache will look best when the different lengths are subtle rather than obvious.

The Goatee

Goatees look great on guys who have long, slim face shapes, and they’re best with short hair. They give off a classic bad-boy vibe that is perfect for those who like to be a little edgy. A goatee is also a great option if your beard grows in a bit unevenly.

The Partial Beard

This classic style is an extremely versatile one that looks just as good at happy hour as it does in your cubicle. It’s neat and tidy, but still gives you that masculine aura that everyone envies. Better yet, it looks good on any face shape. A partial beard can also be trimmed to elongate, make fuller, sharpen, or soften the facial structure.

The Full Beard

The full beard is not for the faint of heart. Not only does it require dedication and lots of maintenance, but it’s also a huge statement. Not every guy can rock this look, but certainly, every guy can try to grow one and trim it up to a flattering shape. This beard looks best on oval face shapes. If you’ve got one or want one, invest in some tools to properly care for and trim this bad boy, like a high-quality beard oil, trimmer, and beard comb.

Book A Beard Trim At Your Webster, TX Men’s Salon

No matter what style of beard you choose, you’ll want to have it shaped professionally every few weeks to maintain your look. The professional stylists and barbers here at 18|8 Baybrook Passage will give you a look that perfectly compliments your features. Are you ready for the perfect beard? Book an appointment today, and you’ll walk out of our men’s salon feeling mighty fine!