Hair Coloring Services in Houston

At 18|8 The Woodlands & Webster-Friendswood, we are devout disciples of style. Our barbers are seasoned experts at their craft equipped with the best tools and techniques of the trade, and we work hard to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and style so we give you a haircut that’s timelessly classic but effortlessly modern every time. But looking great isn’t just about the shape and cut of your hair – it’s also about the color.

Expert Hair Coloring in Houston, TX

Initially, you may have some hesitations about hair coloring – and we get that. After all, many men are trained to believe that coloring is something that’s unmanly or “just for girls.” But trust us: coloring your hair is just another part of keeping a well-groomed appearance, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Our expert barbers wield their hair dyes precisely, judiciously, and skillfully, so no matter which one of our services you go for, you’ll leave with an incredibly well-colored head of hair.

Grey Blending

For the man who wants to go grey gracefully, our grey blending service takes only 10 minutes and will help you look like the mature man you are.

Beard Coloring

Whether you want a shock of purple through your beard to express your style or you want more evenly-balanced shades of grey, our beard coloring will keep your facial hair looking as great as your haircut.


Put some summer into your haircut with our expert highlighting treatment.

Chemical Relaxer

Tell your hair to take a chill pill. Our chemical relaxer will keep your hair soft, luscious, and smooth.

*We may require a consent form be completed to partake in select chemical services. 

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