Nail Treatments in Houston, TX

Your hands should be a reflection of yourself and 18|8, your hands can be a reflection of your best self. Proudly offering the highest quality of service in men’s grooming, your 18|8 experience is sure to impress those around you by being the best man that you can be!

Quality Nail Care At Your Houston, TX Men’s Salon

Your hands are often times the most visible part of your body, and can be your best asset when making a great first impression. Usually, the first interaction that may occur when you meet someone for the first time is a handshake. It is not only important to give firm handshakes during interviews or special events, but also, to have clean fingernails and healthy skin. Maintaining personal hygiene should be a high priority already, but some men don’t realize hands are part of that hygienic to-do list. Dirt under your fingernails or dry hands should be avoided at all times. Let us help you maintain your hands clean, healthy and well-cared for.


Men believe that nail care is solely for women, which is not true! Our 18|8 experience is catered towards men, offering exclusive barbers and semi-private stations to get your nails treated. Each manicure includes a 30-minute treatment which will soften your cuticles as well as a hand mask and scrub to remove dead skin. This will help rejuvenate your hands to keep them from feeling rough and dry. We finish our nail treatment with a relaxing hand and arm massage, leaving your feeling stress-free and calm throughout your day.

Our 18|8 Man-icure Package

We want every visit to our Webster and Friendswood men’s salon to be a memorable one that satisfies all of your grooming needs, which is why we have put together packages to give you the full salon experience. If you feel great about your nail treatment and would like to feel great overall, we have our Mani-cure package. This includes everything in our Man-icure service along with our signature 18|8 Executive Haircut and an aromatic hot towel treatment.

Book An Appointment At Our 18|8 Locations in Houston, TX

There’s no need to feel shy or embarrassed about getting your nails treated. Our Houston manicures are designed specifically for men in a private and upscale salon setting. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our Mani-cure services, please give us a call or book your appointment conveniently online.