Classic Straight-Razor Shaves in Houston, TX

Too often, men feel that shaving is a chore. From the possibility of cuts, nicks or other types of irritation to the time-consuming effort of shaving in front of the mirror, it’s easy to see why so many men tend to let their beards become unruly. Decades ago, a nearly trimmed beard was an experience that involved hot lather, warm towels and, of course, a straight razor that created stylish looks. Our 18|8 The Woodlands & Webster-Friendswood barbershops look to bring that classic experience back.

A Traditional Shave Experience In Houston, TX

The Classic Shave Package

Spend 30 minutes relaxing and rejuvenating while you get the best shave you’ve ever had. First, we’ll talk to you about your preferences to ensure you get the look you want. From there, our experienced stylist begins by providing you with a hot towel treatment that softens the hair for shaving and relaxes your muscles after a long day. After the towel treatment, we lather on hot shaving cream that ensures a smooth, close shave while moisturizing your skin. Our skilled professional uses a high-quality straight razor to shape your beard and mustache into your desired style. Once the shave is complete and you’re satisfied with the service, we offer a second hot towel, this time with a bit of aromatherapy, to further relax you and complete the experience. You’ll leave the salon looking and feeling like a million bucks.

The Executive Beard Trim

At 18|8 Baybrook Passage, we understand the love of the beard and know that not all of our clients want a clean-shaven look. We created the classic and executive beard trim to provide you with the relaxation you deserve without the need for a full shave. Our Classic Beard Trim is perfect for removing stray facial hair, clipping away split ends, and ensuring an even beard length.

For those who want to add definition, the skilled barbers at our men’s salon in The Woodlands & Webster-Friendswood can use the straight razor to provide an Executive Beard Trim. This trim creates a sharper look by lining it up and, if you desire, creating a fade effect.

The Specialty 18|8 Shave Package

We created our 18|8 Shave Package that includes a full shave, hot lather, hot towels; like the Executive Beard Trim, it offers a neck and shoulder massage. We then complete your service with a relaxing shampoo and a hydrating conditioning treatment that strengthens and moisturizes the hair and a full haircut and style.

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