Welcome To Our San Antonio 18|8 Blog!

For a long time, there was a void in hair maintenance, skin care, and overall salon services for men. Enter 18|8 Fine Men’s Salon. Our name comes from the enhancement in strength, durability, and shine of stainless steel resulted from the addition of 18% chromium and 8% nickel (18|8). What 18|8 adds to stainless steel is what we bring to our menu and services. Our men-centric approach is designed to guarantee that you will be transformed like stainless steel and come out of your appointment feeling more confident, looking better, and exuding strength in your overall appearance.

What To Expect From 18|8

This is just the beginning! Our future blog posts will include descriptions of skin care treatments designed for men, how to keep your hair healthy, as well as trending hair styles to just name a few topics. We are very excited to share our hair-knowledge and become your go-to stylists when you’re in need of your routine haircut or require special treatments for a big night ahead of you! Men deserve to be catered to and feel relaxed with one or more of the following services we offer:

  • Men’s Executive Haircut – This haircut is for the elite man that needs a little extra. Your appointment will begin with a relaxing 5-minute neck and shoulders massage. This makes for a stress-reducing start to your haircut and gives you a chance to disconnect and unwind during the remainder of your session. After your shampoo and conditioner wash you’ll receive your haircut and finish off with a hot towel treatment leaving you clean-cut and refreshed.
  • Men’s Hair Removal – This maintenance effort is for those of you who want to maintain a groomed, refined, and sharp look. It is not necessarily for everyone but try it once and you’ll get hooked after receiving well-deserved compliments on your new look! We offer barbershop-quality shaves (face and head) as well as waxing services (back, chest, eyebrows, full/half arms, nose, ears, and shoulders).
  • Men’s Nail Treatments – Yes! We offer MAN-icure and steam towel pedicure services in our facilities. What can you expect when sitting on the services chair? Cuticle treatments, skin masks, skin scrub, clipping/buffing, as well as a light massage. Not only are you in for a relaxing treatment that results in fresh hands and feet, we know your better-half will appreciate it too!

Schedule An Appointment At 18|8 San Antonio!

Ready to step up your appearance? We encourage you to come down to our new downtown location on the Riverwalk or schedule an appointment online at The Rim location. Our team of experts are here to advise you during your consultation and execute the look you’ve been wanting.