Scalp Treatments For Men in San Antonio, TX

18|8 San Antonio’s mission is to help men look, feel, and be their best, every single day. Our team of expert barbers and stylists spend years honing their craft, giving you the most exemplary haircut that you deserve, and they do it right every time. We believe that a haircut is much more than just a haircut; it should be an experience. This is why a visit to our barbershop is something that cannot be matched anywhere else. With our range of grooming treatment, we will leave you looking and feeling like a brand new man. Sound good to you? Keep reading and find out what services we offer.

Perfect Your Look & Revitalize Your Scalp

You have enough to worry about without the nagging stresses at the office, home, and personal life, while still trying to stay manly. On top of all things you have to manage is literally your scalp, which can be a hotbed for flakiness, itchiness, and thinning hair. Give your hairstyle the tender loving care it needs with the attention to the scalp it deserves – after all, it takes healthy scalp to supply hair with the nutrients needed for an optimal look. And at 18|8 The Rim, our seasoned stylists are at the ready to provide you with a ScalpMetics scalp treatment that will revitalize your scalp, hair, and entire manhood.

Looking to revitalize your appearance and give your haircut the extra mileage it deserves? Try our ScalpMetics Package, which includes the scalp treatment alongside our light-massage and hot-towel pampering Executive Haircut.

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