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At our 18|8 Downtown Riverwalk and The Rim location in San Antonio, we know that hair transformations only go so far to bring out the new you – a clean-shaven, edged-up look coupled with a bright, healthy complexion are equally part of the recipe for the modern man.

Me-Time at Your San Antonio Men’s Salon


A shave should never be just a shave. At 18|8 The Rim, we take old-school barbershop techniques and apply them with a modern twist of rightful pampering. We start with lather and relaxing towel service to open up the pores and soften your facial hairs before proceeding to a straight-razor full-face shaving or facial hair detailing.


Want to see how the other half lives? Indulge the manly way – you can upgrade your classic straight shave with a rejuvenating facial treatment to leave your skin feeling fresh and soft, or enjoy our Shave Package, which pairs the shave with an Executive Haircut for the complete grooming package. When you leave, you’ll look so good that even your mirror will notice.


Pamper yourself in our man-friendly semi-private environment ideal for thinking and talking men’s skincare. Complete with scrub, mask, towel finish, and light massage, the SkinMetics facial treatment is at the ready to melt away the stresses of your day and give your skin the moisture and glow it needs to look and feel fresher and healthier than ever.


Feeling like luxury? Enjoy the deluxe treatment, which combines the SkinMetics facial service with an Executive Haircut. Once we’re through with you, you’ll look and feel like a brand new man.

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Ready to give your face some manly tender loving care? Feel free to call us or schedule your appointment online at 18|8 San Antonio The Rim or 18|8 Downtown Riverwalk. You’re the Man!

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